Creative Directing

Ransom Digital

Ransom Digital is my current employer where I am the Creative Director. Ransom Digital is a creative marketing company that focuses in relationship marketing as well as e-commerce. In this position, I oversee all creative execution as well as am involved in all meetings with clients to understand the scope of what needs to be done.

Current Logo

Our current logo is the culmination of 3 months worth of going back to the drawing board. As we became more established as a startup, our goals continued to evolve as did our logo.

Original Logo

Before being hired on at Ransom Digital, the logo was a simple lettering of the company initials.

Initial Logo Concepts

Finalized Concepts

End Product

After one last meeting, my boss wanted to design a logo that stood out as edgy and refreshing. Most of the clients we work with are contractors and our original designs felt too similar to a contractor and didn’t speak to overarching vision for what Ransom Digital stood for.