Poster Design

Native Blood

This is a curated list of clients I have worked with, whether for my job as Creative Director at Ransom Digital or as a freelance artist.

Final Product

The goal of this project was to completely photo composite a movie poster based on the composition we created with our self portraits. For this project, I drew a lot of inspiration from Silent Planet’s album, “The Night God Slept” which tackles many social issues the United States was built on. One such topic is the treatment of Native Americans. Coming from a family who’s great-grandmother was full blooded Native American and having many family members over half-blooded, I wanted to heart some of their stories and know their history, so I made this poster to pay tribute to them.

Base Image

The base image for this project was a simple photo portrait of myself. I tried to convey a face that represented strength and determination, such as how the many tribes have had to convey throughout their lives.


The composite for this project was to gather as much as I could about the people who I was representing, but in a way that took historical pieces while applying a modern look to people within America today.

Composite in action