Company branding

Bespoke Properties

Bespoke Properties approached me looking to brand their newly formed realtor company. The owner contacted me for creating a logo as well as adding on a business card design.

Final Product

The final product of the logo was centered around the name, “Bespoke Properties.” The owner wanted to be able to open numerous locations around the country under the same name, but be able to change the building image for the different locations. This logo is for their home location based in Ashville.

Logo Inspiration

The client wanted a logo that not only represented the Appalachian region, but would be interchangeable for various agency locations. The original idea was based on an image of a cabin they sold, however upon designing the cabin, we agreed it would be best to stylize the logo more as well as base it on a different image 

Research for Logo

Logo Rough Drafts

Finalized Logo

The final logo design was based on the image below. Upon choosing the new cabin to base the design off of, the client still wanted the design to feel like a cabin someone could find in the Appalachian region, which is why there is a slight variation in the design.

Business Card Design

The second part of my contract with Bespoke was designing a business card for the owners realtor agents.  The goal was to have a simple black side with embossed art design and an elegant backside.