A Few Words

About Me

I am a graphic designer and UX/UI designer who can grill a mean burger. I currently work as the Creative Director at a marketing startup in Johnson City, Ransom Digital. My motivation in life is people, which is why I love getting to work closely with clients everyday!

Started attending ETSU
Studied Abroad in Switzerland for a semester
Joined Alpha Phi Omega - Lambda Alpha
Contributed as National Student Advertising Competition Top 8 Finalist
Graduated with a BS in Digital Media and focused in Visualization

“You are one Freudian slip away from getting a color theory monologue.”

Zach Taylor


An artist is only as good as their inspiration. Here are my Top 3 artists who drive me to create no matter how much of a brain block! I look at their art and almost instantly get inspiration.

Hayao Miyazaki
Vincent Van Gogh
Claude Monet
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