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About Me

Hey there, I'm a freelance web developer currently living in New York City. I've been building things online since the halcyon days of Geocities, my earliest projects featured cutting-edge web technologies like flaming skull gifs and unceasing MIDI soundtracks.

I wear a lot of different hats and can fit in just about anywhere on your next project. My principle skills with the web stack include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. I have also been learning quite a bit about Python and JavaScript frameworks like Node.js and Angular, I'd love the opportunity to implement them in a future project. Check out my outdated resume for further details.

“Zach's top-notch communication skills and willingness to take on new challenges makes him a great part of any team. I was extremely impressed with his ability to quickly learn and apply advanced development concepts, which enabled us to deliver cutting-edge work to our clients."

Jim Dixon
Director of Mobile Strategy, Trellist

"Zach is a creative problem solver and diligent developer. He puts in both the hours necessary and has the talent required to make it cool."

Brendan O'Connell
President, Boco Digital Media

"Zach has been awesome to work with, he is painless to communicate with and if we have a problem he is quick to fix it. His work always fits in with our designs seamlessly. We couldn't ask for more."

Paul Boger
Creative Director, Mind Your Design

Bitcoin Foundation Membership Portal

In Progress

Currently designing and developing an internal social network as part of the Bitcoin Foundation's new membership platform. The application is built on the LAMP stack and will allow members to organize events, share documents, discuss pertinent issues and share emerging news.

PRA Health Sciences

September 2014

I worked with HUMN, a strategic branding consultancy in Philadelphia, to help launch a new website experience for PRA Health Sciences, a Contract Research Organization with over 10,000 employees and offices in 70 locations.

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Connolly Gallagher

July 2014

Trellist Marketing & Technology asked me to design and develop a new responsive layout for a site created for Connolly Gallagher, a law firm based in Wilmington, DE. The new layout includes device-specific Wordpress functionality and provides a clean, readable experience across a wide range of mobile devices and tablets.

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BitLegal/Merkle Tree

January 2014

BitLegal (recently renamed Merkle Tree), a webapp I developed and currently maintain, is an easy way to explore emerging virtual currency regulations around the globe. I created this project using the mapping library jVectorMap, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery and the CSS pre-compiler, LESS. With over 25,000 unique visitors per month, BitLegal is a widely-used reference in the cryptocurrency community and has been featured in publications like the Washington Post, CNN Money and The Wall Street Journal.

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CapitalOne LaunchPad

March 2013

Working with another designer's assets at Trellist, I created an HTML5 prototype of Capital One's mobile banking launchpad. We used PhoneGap to deliver the code as a native iOS app, which was later developed in Objective C. The client's internal development team was able to save significant resources by conducting early usability testing on this prototype instead of a fully-realized native app.

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Nephrology 101

June 2012

This mobile module is currently used internally by a company to both train pharmaceutical reps and help them present information to doctors about kidney health during sales calls. The app contains PDFs for download, technical images and video interviews with doctors and specialists. I used the popular JavaScript media library jPlayer to integrate a lot of custom features into the application.

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Macular Edema Module

March 2012

This iPad application provides educational resources detailing approved disease treatments and clinical trial data. I used a helpful HTML5 media framework, Popcorn.js, to sync element transitions in the app to specific events in video dramatizations of doctor/patient interactions. Several interactive exercises were included to test user comprehension at the close of each section.

I reused my initial code several times to release new modules periodically, iterating the template with new content for a speedy delivery to the client.