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Zachary Taylor is a graphic and visual artist who studied Digital Media at the East Tennessee State University, graduated with a BS in May 2021. He worked as a freelance artist during his career at ETSU for small companies, and worked part-time in his senior year as a creative director at the digital marketing startup, Ransom Digital. He has a broad skill set including layout design, branding, illustration, photo manipulation, and UI prototypes. Zachary is also able to edit videos when needed. He was part of a National Finalist team for the American Advertising Federation National Student Advertising Competition. As an avid lover of cinema and theatre, he applies his love of storytelling, directing skills, and design to every project he does. In his free time, you will usually hear him talking about the latest theatre production he is in or lecturing someone about why Disney’s Treasure Planet is a cinematic masterpiece.

“My goals are simple… become a leading voice in my local community through art and design. I want to become a creative director in order to develop more systemized solutions for graphic design and content creation on social media.”

– Zachary Taylor

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